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I grew up in Michigan and started working with my dad in his roofing/siding and home repair business.

This is where I met my beautiful wife of 33 years. Her father was also in the roofing/siding and home repair business. I gained great knowledge in learning this trade throughout the years. With both my father and father in law teaching me the trade. I learned the skills the right way and how to be committed to doing it right the first time. When my father retired I took over the business and for 33 years worked to gain the trust and respect of my customers.

My wife and I raised three fantastic sons and when they grew up and moved away to start their own lives we decided to move to North Carolina. We vacationed here as our kids were growing up and fell in love with the state and the people. My brother moved here from Florida, he had a very successful painting business for the past 28 years. We decided to join forces and put the knowledge, dedication and passion we both have into Hart's Painting and Home Repairs. We are experienced and dedicated to bring our skills to the homes of the great people of North Carolina. We take pride in our work and have built trustworthy relationships with all of our customers.

Greg Hart

Greg Hart
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